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Hobbies and Dreams: A short-story

Highlights of their Journey

Basically, we are from lower-middle-class family. We faced life in different angles. We saw a lot of people, varieties of their attitude. We never forget them. They belong to our mind with a great impression. We appreciate all of them from the bottom of the heart. 


We are thankful to God for giving us this type of life.


Here, 'We' means, I and my beloved wife who always stands beside me and for the family. We have the child. Sometimes their sacrifice reaches a level of appreciation. We appreciate. 


We lost our parents many years ago and that is one of the reasons for which we feel empty. We faced and overcome a lot of obstacles. If you have mother, father, then, you have a lot of things in life. If not, please always be ready to face something unhappening... We will talk more about topics later...


Got Married: In 2006
Become Parents: From 2008
Become Youtuber: 09.12.2016
Started Designing Website: 29/07/2017

Owned Domain & Hosting: 01/09/2017

Connected Domain to own Website: 08/12/2017

More Details of our life will be disclosed shortly. This is just starting!! We are just experimenting our website: hobbiesanddreams.com


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