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Hot and Appetizing Cauliflower 'Pakora'

Cauliflower is a familiar vegetable during the winter season. Many foods can be made from cauliflower. We are going to share an alluring and delicious recipe here. Garamagarm cauliflower pakora. To make this yummy food, we need following Materials:-

1. Cauliflower - Choped, Washed

2. Bason - For making butter

3. Chili-Powder

4. Turmeric powder

5. Black cumin

6. Hing (one punch)

7. Baking powder

8. Soya Sauce

9. Chili sauce

10. Tomato sauce

11. Cumin Seed Powder

12. Coriander Powder

13. Ginger-butter (little)

14. Salt

15. Cooking Oil

16. Temperant Spices (Optional)


First, to make butter, add chili-powder, Turmeric powder, black cumin, hing (one pinch), baking powder, salt and sambar-spices (it is optional), to powdered pulse or bason for taste well. Gradually, a little water will be added. So, there will not be a hard remaining part or stool. Mix well for a smooth texture. Now, the mixture should be kept for a while.

Now, take the chopped & washed cauliflower. You will have to give the pieces of cauliflower with a little oil in a hot pot. Now, mix turmeric powder, chili powder and a little bit of hing, a little bit of ginger-ginger, cumin seeds, coriender seeds, and also add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, and stir it in hot pan. When it get ready, should be kept in separate containers.

Once again hot the pan with the cooking oil. Drop the spiced cauliflower after sinking them in previously prepared butter and leave it on hot oil. Once roasted one side, turn upside down again. And leave a little bit more. After a short time, "garamagaram cauliflower Pakora" will be prepared. Well, this is just waiting for serving. You may serve it.

Watch the video: -

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