A Thrilling Experience in 'ARAKU'-Valley of Vishakhapatnam

Travelling Araku Valley is an unforgettable experience in our life. We visited Vizag this time with our son. It was the first tour of his life.

Travelling Araku for a long period is most enjoyable part of this tour. We can not forget it.

Some of tourists said, Train is the right vehicle to explore Araku' Valley; In the other hand, some said Bus is right... By avoiding all controversy, we can say, there are different angle and perspective in both journey. They never cross each other.

This Valley is situated far from Vishakhapatnam. It takes 4 hour to reach there and another 4 hour to return Vizag. Vishakhapatnam is a city where you can see the Sea-Beaches beside the Hills. There are so many tourist-spot in this city like: Submarine museum, Indira Gandhi Natural Park, Rishikonda Beach, Ramkrishna Beach, Kailash Giri, Toy-Train, Rope Way etc. etc. But, the Araku' Valley is the most Chilling Tourist spot here. In the video link you will watch some of the moments in Araku-Valley...

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