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How to germinate Lotus Seed in your predictable Time

If you made a plan for a small pond of Lotus, Please follow the steps as shared below.

  1. Collect some lotus seeds from nearby marketplace or web-store. The seeds are covered with a very hard surface. This is the reason, by which the lotus seeds can be stored up to 2000 years. but, we can not wait for 2000 years! we will make it germinated in a week by following a simple trick.

  2. Take Lotus seed in your hand and scrub its hardcover gently with a file or emery paper.

  3. Take a glass of water and poured the scrubbed seeds in the water of glass. wait for few days.

  4. After 4 to 5 days you will find the baby plant of Lotus. After another few days, place it in a large or medium-large pot. That’s it.

You are done!!!

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