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How to prepare Delicious "DAHI VADA"


We are feeling glad to share a recipe with all of you, friends. Dahi Vada Recipe: Video also available on our youtube channel: Hobbies and dreams If you like, you may like, share and subscribe our channel on youtube.

Dahi-vada is a fascinating, lovely food. People stand for it in a long line in front of the sweet counter. So, the price of this is food is a little bit high there. But, this precious & lovely food also can be made at your home in very easy steps.


1. Pulse / Biuli -250gms

2. Moong - 50gms (Optional) (It can bring the taste)

3. Dahi (Curd) - 400gms

4. Salt - as per taste

5. Dry Red Chilli - 5 nos or as per taste

6. Hing - 1 pinch

7. Phoran - Slightly

8. Sugar - 4 Table Spoon

9. Cooking oil or refine oil - as required for deep fry

10. Mustered Oil - for making mashala

11. Curry Leaves - 10-15nos


1. At first, we will make a paste of wet beuli & mung pulse by mixing with dry red-chili & salt. Then, we will add a very small amount of baking powder in it.

2. On a hot pan, after pouring oil, we will drop pulse paste like pillule size small amount. When one side got fried, we will make it upside down. After getting fried from both sides, we will pick these from hot oil by filtering. Keep these in a pot.

3. Now, we will take another deep pot with small water. A small amount of salt & a little spoon of Hing needs to be added in water. Mixed it well. Drown those fried Vadas into this solution of water, Hing & Salt. wait for 10 minutes.

4. After 10 minutes, we will pick all the socked Vadas by squeezing them with a little pressure of two hands. After squeezing, we will keep these in another pot.

5. Take some water, Curd, Sugar, Salt, and mix well in a pot. Some people like thick curd. If so, don’t add water.

6. When it got mixed, add those squeezed Vadas in it and they will stay drawn. Now, in a hot pan, we will make mashala with mustard oil, dry red-chili, cumin, black cumin, curry leaves & mustard. Stir it. when we will get a sweet smell of different flavor, it got ready. Then, add this mashala to Dahi Vada. Slightly stir it.

7. Now, awaited “DahiVada” preparation is ready to serve.


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