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Film Studio : Ramanaidu Film City in Vishakhapatnam - A Visit

ফিল্ম সিটি: বিশখাপত্তনম Film Studio: Ramanaidu Film City in Vishakhapatnam - A Visit

During our last tour to Vizag city, we visited the Film-City namely known as Ramanaidu Film City. We found many memorable things there and also realized the hard process of making Film, a little bit.

We discovered a various type of machines, Cameras and many more things by which a film can be processed ultimately. Also captured some clips of the spot by our HTC 620G Mobile ( http://amzn.to/2jZfFmS ) & Procus Rush Action Camera ( http://amzn.to/2i3Hytr ). (Affiliated)

The upper view of the site is truly awesome. So, we captured some clips for you, Friends..... Please watch and enjoy. If you enjoy, we will be happy. Thanks, Friends!!! We will meet again in our next video. THANKS!!!

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