Travelling Fishing Harbour in Vishakhapatnam

বিশখাপত্তনমের মাছ ধরার বন্দর बिशकाश्तम मत्स्य पालन बंदरगाह:

In Vizag, there is a Fishing Harbour. Vizag has a fantastic Marine Drive. Its beauty can not be forgetable. During our visit, we were bound to take a bad smell of the spot. But, definitely this is a spot where we found a fantastic natural beauty. We were amazed. Huge numbers of the boat were floating together in different rows over the sea water. These fishing boats are waiting for fishing in the deep sea. What a scene!!! Women are engaged in work of spreading the dead fishes under the sun. They are doing their job. Maybe it's different. But, all job has its own dignity. We respect God in many different ways.

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