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Haldia To Vijag - An Amazing Tour

We are residents of plain land of Bengal. We are surrounded by greenery areas around us. Recently, we have visited Vijag city of Andhra Pradesh. Where the oceans, seas and hills cover the area with its natural beauty. This journey was completed with the bus, which went to Andhra Pradesh through the state of Odisha. On our way, we have touched Gopalpur beach and Chilika Lake, the famous Lake of Asia.

Touched the pure natural beauty of Lake Chilka. We also visited the "Lingaraj Temple" of Bhubaneswar of Odisha State.

There are many tourist sites in the city of Vizag, we visited. Like, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Kailash Giri, Rishikonda Beach, RKBich, Submersible Museum, Narasimha Temple etc.

We have also visited the "Araku" valley, which is located 4 hours far from vijag city by the bus. In this famous Araku valley, to visit many places, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Adibasi Museum, Coffee Garden, Bora Cave etc. Araku Valley Tour, Enjoyed an Exciting Experiences. You can taste various coffee flavors in the coffee gardens and some coffee seeds, its dust Can also buy.

In this valley, the famous recipe "Bamboo Chicken" is also available which is a local food and has become famous for tourists. In the Narasimha Temple, you must cross a large waiting hall to visit Lord Narasimha. There is a large sitting arrangement.

In Lake Chilika, we went on the water by the boat and enjoyed it.

We were not allowed to take a picture in Lingaraj Temple. Finally, we returned home touching the famous Digha beach . It was a great journey, we can not forget ever.

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