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Origin of Rudraksha Plant

Hello Friends!! We welcome all of you to hobbiesanddreams.com. friends, we have planted a Rudraksha plant in our Garden. In this topic, we are going to share the history behind origin of Rudraksha or its plant and we will find the type of Rudraksha also.

According to Hindu 'Shiv-Puran', 'Padma-Puran' and 'Srimad Devi Bhagabat' this wondering tree has originally formatted from the eyes or from the tears from eyes of Lord Shiva who is known as 'Devadidev' also. There are total 28 types of Rudraksha widely available in the world.

From the right eye or 'surya netra' of lord shiiva 12 types and from the left eye of lord shiva or 'som netra' 16 types of rudraksha origin. 'Ek-mukhi' rudraksha is known as most valuable type of rudraksha and most powerfull also. But, this type of rudraksha (Ek-Mukhi or one faced) is most uncommon or not widely available. In the other hand, the 'pancha-mukhi' or 'five -faced' rudraksha is most available or easily available type in this world.

In 'Pouranik' age, demon Tripurasur' was oppressing the world or 'Bhu-lok'. He was powered by lord Brahma', but after getting power he became oppressive and lawless. Then, Lord 'Bishnu' and Lord 'Brahma' came to lord 'shiva with a appeal for saving oppressed world.

But, it was not so easy. Having no alternative, Lord Shiva was engaged in thinking to find the way by which he can defeat and destroy the demo 'Tripurasur'. In this condition, a thousand year passed away with half-closing eyes and that time, tears came out his both of eyes and from his tear the 'Rudraksha' plant origin. Lord Shiva or Devadidev shiva is also known as 'Rudra-Dev'. From his eyes it origin, so, Rudraksha' get its name (Rudra + Akshi).

Human being, may be man or women can be protected by bearing / wearing / carrying rudraksha. In rudraksha, there are three types of Power included 1.'Aghora', 2. 'Sundara' and 3. 'Terrible' or 'Pralayankara' and power of all Devas also added in it.

In our country, India, Rudraksha is vastly used as 'Japa-Mala', 'Garland' and as natural 'Jewellery' or "Organic Jewellery". Some time, Rudraksha is used as gem stone or equivalent to precious stone also.

Rudraksha is also known as exploiter or absorber of all Negative energy or power.

So, if you planed a Rudraksha plant, it seems to be you are protected.


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