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Why Wood-Apple Juice (Summer-Drink)? How this fruit Origin?



The 'Aegle marmelos' is binomial name, but, generally known as wood-apple or marmelos-fruit. Generally, this fruit-tree is a native of India & Bangladesh or south-east Asia. These fruits are used in traditional medicine or as food.

This fruit takes 11 months to ripen. The outer shell is so hard. So, it needs to cracked with hammering. This fruit is so tasty and flavor is sweet, aromatic and pleasant. It has some different varieties. Numerous hairy seeds are encapsulated in a slimy mucilage or an adhesive substance.

This fruit can be eaten fresh from trees also can be made into 'Sharbat' or 'Bel-Pana'. Bel-Pana is a very popular summer drink in almost every house-hold. This type of drink is especially significant on the 'Odiya New Year' & 'Bengali-New Year' in April. Fresh cheese, Milk, water, fruit-pulp, sugar & crashed black peeper - these are the main ingredients of 'Bel-Pana; You will enjoy the taste if you put it on ice.

Medicinal uses of Wood-Apple:

1. For Constipation:- Eating this traditional diet rich in fiber will treat constipation very effectively and if combined with home remedies will give the best results. Though fruits like bananas, mangoes, helps people who suffer from constipation, bael fruit gives amazing results. Constipation should get rid by regularly consuming wood-apple which is full of fiber.

2. For Diabetes:- This fruit is great for diabetics because it keeps the insulin level stable and many doctors & nutritionists also recommended this for diabetics. Also, this fruit has a smoothing effect to upset stomach.

3. For Hair & Skin:- To keeping skin & hair in healthy, glowing condition, we can take the juice of bael fruit. It keeps digestion level in good order, also keeps the skin and hair healthy and shiny.

It also can prevent from diarrhea, weighloss and many more health issues.


After cutting the fruit, collect the pulps from inside it & smashed gently in water. Some Adding sugar is optional. According to taste preference, the sugar quantity of sugar may vary. Actually, it depends on different people & their choices. the basic thing is: we will get a drink with great food-value in it.

(Very Simple!!)

Pulp:Food Ingredients in each 100g of Fruit:

1. Moisture = 61.5%

2. Protein =1.8%

3. Carbohydrate = 31.8%

4. Fiber = 2.9%

5. Calcium = 85ml.

6. Phosphorus = 50ml.

7. Iron = 2.6ml.

8. Vitamin C = 2ml.

9. Energy = 137cal

Also Vitamin B in slight quantity available.

Beside medicinal use, the plant, its fruit and its leaves has religious importance during worship of goddes & some gods. The bael leaves are being offered as part of prayer.

The fruits, leaves & trees of wood apple also used in many religious rituals; like, during Durgapuja, Devi Durga firstly stayed under a bael -tree having its fruit.

Bael fruit is also known as 'Shree-Phal'. In Shree-Suktam' of 'Rig-Veda', this name 'Shree-Phal' mena is used. Some of religious people said, this fruit tree is associated with Devi Lakshmi.

When we drink bael-pana, we enjoy satisfaction or gratification in a same time. Where from this fruit origin?

In pouranik age, there was living a couple named Drona & his wife, Dhara. They were very poor & surviving their life by begging door to door. They were dedicated devotees of God in-side. One day, Lord Bishnu came to their thatched hut with his nearest devotee Muni Narad in Camouflage. That time, drona was out for begging and maa Dhara' was alone at their holy hut. Reaching there, Lord Bishnu prayed food. Maa Dhara' was so happy getting two guests. That hospitable lady, Dhara'maa told them to take rest. That time, Drona' was returning home with a very small amount of grain obtaining by begging and he was so tired too. By order of Lord Bishnu, Narad Muni stole all of begged grains from Drona's alms-bag. When Drona returned home, maa Dhara' found the bag empty after searching. Drona was so tired. So, Dhara maa went for collect some food grains for guests who are waiting at their hut. But, she failed to collect anything.

This time, Lord shiva was waiting as a Grocer by order of Lord Bishnu. When Sati Dhara maa reached there and begged for some food grain for her guests. Lord Shiva said as grocer he want something in exchange. Dhara'maa told, she has nothing to give him. Lord Shiva, as per direction of Lord Bishnu, wanted her breast in exchange. In that pouranik age, the guests had great importance in human's life. Dhara'maa returned home as she knows she already surrendered her everything to her husband, Drona'. In the other hand, Great Drona' hearing this incedent, told her to offer her breast to the grocer. Because, he knows , the body is not eternal.

Maa Dhara-sati' returned to grocer 7 told him she is agree to give her breast but only in the sense of Mother. If grocer can accept her breast as child, he can take that. Great lord shiva agreed and maa Dhara-Sati' cut-off her breast. In this way, she gratified Lord Bishnu and from her holy breast, the Bael-Tree or Wood-Apple Tree origin. So, this fruit has a nourishing quality to humans as their mother's breast-food.

In Dwapar'-Yug, this great mother became the mother of Lord 'Krishna' who is one of Avatar of Lord-Bishnu.


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