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Night Queen - an awesome flower

Night Queen Flower is called or known as "Nishi-Padma" flower in Bengali. this flower is a extraordinary creation by God. This flower blooms, get wither and fade in a single night. When it blooms, a Past description scent is spreaded in the air. When this flower blooms, some of people keeps light or 'Deep' near its plant to make it visible and capture time-lapse video in their camera. Sometime they do it inside their home by taking inside the pot of plant; so that, they can enjoy the sweet scent of it.

In our garden, we also planted a night queen plant. In rainy season, it gave us one flower. on that time, we hadn't any time-lapse video capturing camera or this type of device. So, we made it with mobile phone camera and also uploaded it on our youtube channel: "hobbies and dreams". We already attached the video link under this post where you may see and enjoy it.


We got this awesome flower plant from one of those people, who loved us. We called her: 'Kakali-di'. When kakali-di heared the news of blooming night queen in our garden, she got excited and advised us to add some fertilizer in the soil of its pot. She said, blooming of one flower is the beginning. in next year, it may give many flowers. Knowing this, we also become excited.

Care: Not anything. In a long time gap diluted oil-cake with water should take proper care of this plant.


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