Addicted to Bath : Java Finch Bird

There are different type of pets in our home. Some of them cage-pet and some are aquarium pet. Today, we are going to discus of a habit of particular cage-bird. That is Java Finch bird' and their bathing habit.

in between many types of Java-finch bird, one is white java finch bird. We really like them. They are fantastic, looking clean and of-course they maintain cleanliness in their habit.

They do bath frequently in short time period gap. These curious birds are good observer of us which was already explained in our another video.

Friends! in our below-linked video you can find these birds to enjoy bath. just after putting the water in their cage, they went there and started bathing. The first one, which was a male bird, enjoyed bath more than the lady bird. the lady bird was slightly shy, slightly confused in her attitude during this Bath-Session.

Watch the Video:


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