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Strawberry : A juicy Fruit

Strawberry is a worldwide fruit which is specially cultivated for its famous fruit. A fantastic juicy texture, aromatic bright red color and its sweet flavor taste take it to surface, which are truly appreciated by large number of people world-wide.

Growing strawberry is not a very hard job. It can be grow in your small terrace or even in a pot too.

Essential Factors:

Soil, Sunlight, water and your love is the basic things which are needed to grow Strawberry in your terrace garden.

1. Soil: First of all we need to prepare the soil. Mix the soil, with dry-cow-dung and slight quantity of paddy-seed-cover and something sand.

2. Water: Water is life. We will serve water to our plant every 2nd day, so that, they can cook food for themselves with the help of heat of Sun-light.

3. Sunlight: As you know, sunlight is mandatory for plants. Without sunlight photosynthesis will be hampered and as a result, plant will become weak and the fruits, where plants store its food for us will not be produced.

In winter, Strawberry plant need full sun-light; In summer, its need to be placed in shadow and in rainy season, strawberry plant must be placed a shade where it should be protected from over-rain wetting.

We must remember, for growing strawberry plant in pot the soil should be airy and full of organic food. We will serve them organic food in every 10-14 days. Here, organic means: cow-dung or mustered seeds oil-cake mixed with water in very small proportion. This solution should not be served to the plant immediately; but, it should be served to them after few days.

Growing Progeny:

1. Seed: From its seeds you can grow new baby plant in your garden.

2. Runner: By spreading runner this plant can grow its progeny

3. Separation: These plants are grown in group. Separation can be spread its number too.

4. Dry-Root: After flowering and fruiting the strawberry plants get dry after season, i.e. after winter. That time, we can collect the dry plants with its root and preserve it in tight place or container or packet where it will be detached from air. Then, when the season will come, we can plant it.

Precaution: Strawberry plants can be victim of a number of diseases. The leaves may be infected by powdery mildew, leaf spot (caused by the fungus), leaf blight(another fungus), and by a variety of slime molds. The crown and roots may fall victim to red stele, verticillium wilt, black root rot, and nematodes. The fruits are subject to damage from gray mold, rhizopus rot, and leather rot. To prevent root-rotting, strawberries should be planted every four to five years in a new bed, at a different site.

The plants can also develop disease from temperature extremes during winter.When watering strawberries, advice has been given to water only the roots and not the leaves, as moisture on the leaves encourages growth of fungus.

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