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Waterfall : Ayodhya-Hill

Ayodhya-hill is situated on the border-district, Purulia in West Bengal. Before and after winter you can travel Ayodhya-hill. This is a fantastic place to visit. When you are watching the eye-catching pure natural beauty of waterfall on Ayodhya-hill, you are just watching the creation of God, the World's greatest Artist almighty.

Why you will go far from home on travell? you have already in hand the nearby travelling spot to visit; Purulia Ayodhya-Hill.

These hills are situated on the north & north-east of Chhota-Nagpur Table Land, where the eastern-ghat mountains dissolved slowly.

The type and surface of this area are stony & hard. Similarly, the life pattern of local people also hard slightly. But, when you will try, you may find this type of cool & polite beauty here. As the Waterfall is declaring that truth here.

This time, we were luckily entered into the tourist-team of our son's school. In this tour, we were fully surrounded by teachers and their families. As we (specially me) are slightly shy and introvert, we couldn't break the barrier of their circle. We don't tried also. We respect them from our bottom of heart.

Though, as conclusion, we can say, this was a tremendous tour for us. We are happy to share with you, Friends!!!

Watch the Video:

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