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Terrapin : Our pet

As a pet Terrapins are also counted in many countries including India. These animals habituated to live in water and beside water area. Some-time, they live in the clay under the water. They are able to live long without taking a breath. The ability to control breath, is the reason by which they live up to 200 - 300 years.

These terrapin type tortoise are most responsive, when they are adopted, In your house.

Now, we can explore some knowledge regarding these animals also through following linked video. What is the relation stands between these creatures & human being? Some people likes to eat them. They prefer its flesh. Some people do not like to eat and some of people think them as their family member or part of their family.

According to study, in some states of India, the tortoise get worship from human. This is generally followed in Gujrat, Punjub, south-indian states and few part of west bengal too.

It is also known from study, that, these creatures are treated as 'Avatar' of God. According to Hindu-Puraan, almighty God, Shri-Bishnu came to our Earth second time in this Avatar'. Which is also known as his "Kurma-Avatar". In Feng-Sui', the tortoise has very much importance.

In this world, Tortoise and Turtle are most long living animal. Especially, this type of tortoise (Terrapin) lives for 200-300 years. This type of tortoise are also under small sized category. But, other type of Turtle, like, Sea-Turtle grows up-to 400Kgs and they live for 400-500 years also.

These are under Reptiles category and cold-blooded animal class.

In our video, you can see, our pet tortoise are being cleaned...actually, they are habituated to this cleaning therapy. When they are your pet, they deserved it. But, don't forget that, they will get dirty in very short-time period. Observing their behavior, may be, you will reach to the decision that :"They likes to get dirty."

Generally, there are 3 types of Turtle:

1. Sea-Turtle: Who's head is always exposed out-side of their shel & has no leg; but, they have wing by which they can swim very fast. As like Eagle in the sky.

2. Big Land Turtle: They lives nearby water but not in water. They lives in desert place too. This type of Turtle has strong legs. They also prefer to eat plant-based foods; like, Lettuce, Strawberry, Pursley, Grapes, Carrot etc. Whereas the sea turtle eats sea moss only. They never eat non-veg. But, the 3rd type of tortoise are habituated to eat all kind of food.

3. Terrapin: Small in size. They eat all type of food; although, we serve them only food, which are served to aquarium-fishes. We observed, they prefers it too.

Watch the Cleaning Video of our Pets: (Bathing? certainly not)

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