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Old Memories from 2007 : Travelling North-Eastern India

(Mayapur-Jaldapara Reserve Forest-Kamakshya Temple-Shilong-Tarapith-Shantiniketan)

We traveled north-eastern India in the year of 2007 and made a video of this tour, that time. Now, after 10 years passing, we just uploading that video for you, Friends! Hope, you will enjoy after watching. The quality of the video is not so good, it is as available that time.

In starting, we traveled 'Mayapur' in Nadia district of West bengal. Where Mahapravu Sri Chaitanya was born and showed his 'Lilas'. In Mayapur, there are few places to visit; 'Khol-bhangar-danga', 'Shyam-Kunda', 'Radha-Kunda', 'Masi-Mesor Bari' etc. In the evening, you can walk roundabout the "BIGRAHA", the idol of lord Krishna & Radha.

One another place to visit here the Tomb of Shrila Pravupada, who is the founder of this famous temple.

The river Bhagirathi & Jalangi met here and you can see the two different stream side by side in two different color. Famous 'Nabadwip' is situated on the opposite side of river. Where the Gouriya Math" situated.

After leaving 'Mayapur, we reached 'Jaldapara-Reserve Forest' and we made a picnic there beside a water stream. After Jaldapara, we went Kamakshya-Temple in north-east state, Asam. Kamakshya-Temple is famous by its own name. In every Bengali-Calender Year, 7th Asarh, held a fair here. This Temple is situated here on 'Nilachal' hill from 16th century. There are 51 Peetths originated from Devi mata 'Sati's body-parts. During 'Daksha-Yaggna', Lord shiva, husband of Devi mata Sati was not invited. Mata Sati was daughter of king Daksha. When She complained about this misshaping, King Daksha insulted badly Lord Shiva. As a result, Mata Sati sacrificed her soul / life. Lord Shiva, being fully angry, started 'Tandab' taking the body of mata-Sati' on his shoulder. The earth is about to be destroyed. Lord Bishnu came to save mother-earth and started cut the body unknowingly with his "Sudarshan-Chakra" being hidden. From one of those parts the Kamakshya-Temple origin.

Huge numbers of still pictures captured by us and most of them were fantastic and some of them had been entered in the below linked video. The returning cowboy from the field was crossing the river-stream with his fluke of cows and etc (please watch the video).

In Shilong, during our visit to Golf-Course, I picked a Golf-Stick in hand and in my very first effort, potted the ball to hole. In video, you will see the still picture, where i was holding the stick. Just after clicking the snap, the said event held.

In Shilong there are many places to visit: "Shilong-view-point" "Elephant-Fall", "Butter-Fly-Hill", "'Mousinram' of 'Cherapunji' etc.

In 'Tara-Pith', we reached in night. So, we can't take sufficient picture here and leave early morning, next day. Leaving 'Tara-Pith' we reached famous "Shanti-Niketan", the peacefull place, where the memories of Great-Poet Rabindranath scattered every-where.

It was our very first traveling to other places far from home.

Watch the Video here:

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