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Touching & Feeling the Ayodhya-Hill

We went Ayodhya-hill on traveling purpose in the starting of December. This place is suitable for the visit before & after the winter season. As this is a hot area, we can not travel this place during summer season.

We were luckily entered into the tourist-team of our pupil's school.

Geographically, this Ayodhya-Hill is situated on north-east side of "Chota-Nagpur" table land and Eastern Ghat Mountains. This hill is situated in the border District Purulia of West Bengal.

The eldest and the native population of local area of ayodhya-hill are 'Santal' or 'Saontal'. Not only the Saontal' the other backward class of socity also lived here.

The Livelihood or occupation of local people is/are mainly cultivation and Animal husbandry. where, the side occupation of the local people is the wood-collection from the forest and sell it on local market. They pet duck, hen, cow and goat for their living. Their living homes are the sample of an extra-ordinary creativity. They uses something to it to giving some smoothing effects to their beloved home. They colored their home with color. it looks like a pakka-house in first sight as it is an Illusion in real. They have school, play ground, huge forest and a large sky on the head. during our traveling, we found their cultivation land with paddy, wheat, corn, bajra etc.

In this stony land, the summer effect is too high. So, during the summer s

eason the visiting ayodhya-hill will not proper decission. Before and after the winter season will be the perfect time to visit. In the middle of the winter also must be avoided. this time, ayodhya hill will be packed with stony-cold which will not be easily discoverable.

The Ayodhya-Hill, the Bagmundi-Hill etc are become famous to tourists as tourist-spot. In this area, some barrage has been erected for storing water to produce hydro-electricity. It is known to all that, hydro-electricity is equivalent energy source to human life.

During the visit of Ayodhya-Hill, we found a temple of Lord Ram-Devi Sita; also another one temple we found here, where the detty of Devi-Maa is holding a flame of fire in her hand. This Flame is continueously Burning / Flaming. The holy Atmosphere of this temple is to remember. which was not matched the outside of the temple. From the out-side, it was as like a local house. When we entered, we discovered something Spiritual...

As some another local culture, "Chou"-Dannce also notable of Purulia district. Chou' is a special type of Folk dance which is another identity of Purulia and local area. If you get interested, you may instruct your driver to visit that place, where the instruments of Chhou'dance made.

The Life of local people of Ayodhya-Hill is introducing a life which is parallally streaming beside the present city-life. They carrying civilized materials in their hand, but, the pattern of their life is something different. As the flavour of Forest & hill mixed with it.

We also found a zone, from where, the stone of hill is collected and designed & shaped our civilization. So, stone cutting/ collecting is also introduced us another livelihood/ occupation of the local people.

In Purulia/Ayodhya-Hill, during our visit, we found the most beautyful nature in Waterfall. Pure Natural Beauty. You may feel it as a song which is sung by a Self-consciousless person, far from humaneyes, being hidden.

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