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New Family-Member at Home : Our Pet

Recently, We brought a puppy at home. But, even in near past we didn't like dog at all. When I was a child, generally carried a bad habit in me. That was throwing objects(not stone) to dog and over the jungle /bushes, and animals etc. Beside this, also, I was scared about dog a little bit. My mother tried to remove that bad habit which was developed in me... But, "throwing object" was developing in me like a bad habit. Today, I have petted a lot of little animal at home, isn't it an amazing matter?

As pet, we had parakeet, Java Finch, Parrot, Love Bird, Tortoise and Fish at home. Now, this puppy has been added to that fluke of little animals. They observed each other and I think, they recognized each other too.

If you watch minutely, you will see the real cuteness in this baby dog. Its color, its hanging ears increased its cuteness. As it is a baby, cuteness blooming out from its every behavior.

In the time, we have no experience regarding petting and caring puppy. We got some general guidelines from pet-shop. As per their advise, we serve the puppy simple food and water. When we will get more experience, may be we will be able to share knowledge regarding the matter. Thanks friends, see You Again

See the Video:

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