Baby Bird Hatched in the Nest of JAVA FINCH bird

We found two baby birds already hatched in the nest of Java Finch Bird. Then, recorded a clip to represent you, friends. We hope you will find it enjoyable.

As you know, these birds are generally lays and hatched their eggs during winter season and monsoon season. These baby birds were hatched in the last of this winter. This was the first time, the couple of bird did their job. So, only two eggs were laid. Generally, they are habituated to lay up to 6/8 eggs. We hope, next time they will produce more for them.

Babies are healthy, they didn't have wings till now. Their eyes have already opened and they are seeing.

The mother bird was scared a little bit; whether, the baby may be stolen. So, she was holding the baby under her perch. This scene was too funny.

See the Video: (In html window):-

See the Video: (In Video window):-

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