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How to Prepare Solar System Project (CRAFTING)

Making a model project of Solar System is not so hard. Anybody can do it with a minimum effort and Patience. You may create it for your own amusement and for decorating your home. Here, it was made for represent in exhibition in school.

Ingredients for making a Solar System Model:

1. Thermocol made Balls of various sizes

2. Thermocol Board of 2" sizes

3. Black Paper -1no

4. Glue for fixing work (as required)

5. Color for coloring Planets

6. Thin sponge for making Sun (Optional)

7. Brushes for coloring planets

Steps towards growing project:

Choose the balls and make them appropriate for representing different planets by, scrubbing, grooming them.

Cut the Black Paper as per size & fix it with the thermocol board. Prepare color (Blue & Violet) for bringing a Galaxy-look.

After coloring planets fix them on Galaxy board by cutting the board. Use glue for fixing planets tightly. That's it. Done.

See the Video here:

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