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Reaction of our Cute Puppy on Chili, Lemon & Etc

Our cute puppy's funny behavior on chili, lemon and other has been captured and shared with you, Friends! On very first day, the puppy was a little bit shy, but, now it becomes so smart and aware of his rights.

We serve him Dog's food and water. We also serve him multi-vitamin with a gap of one week or two.

He likes to eat fruits, vegetables and his own branded food pedegree. But, as dog it also looks us when we are eating,graciously. Though, slowly it's getting trained and we observed some changes in his behavior also.

As his age now under 3 months, we couldn't inject any vaccine to it. It will be given to him when he will reached beyond three months. In few days, it grows slightly.

See Its funny reaction in video:

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