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How to secure your land with the boundary wall

Today, buying a piece of land is a great hard step to build houses, it is difficult and expensive. Suppose, you bought a land and want to make a nest as personal and private. Maybe, buying a highland 'was not possible for you. Due to the high price of land. Also, the land is not on the road. So, what would you do? In some steps, you can perform tasks towards making a boundary wall safely.

Firstly, which is to be done, the place purchased as low-land should be applied to the BL&LRO office for convertion of type and converted to High-Land. This may keep you engaged or busy to attend several times in the office. If you will not be able to do that, then a Muhuri' can be engaged to that responsibility.

Two: When you will get the Convertion Order, you can proceed to work. You've got a 'Baram' way to go to your

land. However, cargo-carrying vehicles will not be able to go to your land from high road. That is why, for Baram, put the soil beside the road in particular place, take the sloping. So, Van could get the goods on the field.

There is another problem here too. The newly dry land is not become so hard that it can tolerate the goods-loaded van. So, since the brickwork will start a few days later, it can now be brought to spread over the land for bringing the road into the land.

Three: Building of Wall can be done in two ways. One, with Column; And, two, just pick a brick wall. Both of them are correct in terms of Sturdyness. However, the wall made by the column slightly costly or expensive slightly rather than brick-wall.

10" brick wall shoul be built upto the level of soil will filled up, then upper portion of it will wrapping with a tie beam around the wall. After that, 5" brick wall will be lifted outer side of the tie beam (inside, it will generate the highest area of ​​space).

Four: Now the question of starting will come. The land soil along the side of borders to be cut out with a 6"-8" deepness (Boundary poles will be outside the wall).

Five: Now, the mixture of stone-chips, sand and cement should be cast in the cut portion of the land.

Six: The next day, the cast will dry up. The brickwork can be started.

Seven: When the brick wall is made to a certain height, need to be ready a tie beam cast with making a net of rod.

Eight: make 5" brick knit on top of Tie beam cast. Now, you are almost ready. Next step will be explored on our next topic.

However, it is worth remembering, the wall will be provided water for the first two to three days. This will give it a proper strength.

See the video:

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