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Potato-Paneer : with a very simple & quick recipe

Paneer' (cottage cheese) is a very famous and popular food ingredient in India. In the view of taste and food-value too. We generally habituate to eat Paneer' in spicy and gravy recipe. But, here we about to share a simple but fantastic recipe. You may find this preferable after tasting this recipe.


1. Paneer' (cottage cheese) - Sliced

2. Potato - Sliced

3. Green Chili - Chopped

4. Tomato - chopped

5. Cummin seed - small amount

6. Salt - as required

7. Sugar - as required

8. Termeric Powder - small amount

9. Cooking Oil - As required

10. Ginger-Paste

11. Jayantree (जयित्री)+Clove+Cinamon+Elaichi+Jaiphal(जायफल) - Powdered

12. Milk-Cream/Curd/Kaseu(काजू)-Paste - for Gravy

At first, we need to fry the sliced potato after slight boiling. Then, after frying the Paneer' (cottage cheese) we will start the recipe.

Pour some cooking oil on hot pan. The chopped green-chilli will be added to it. Then, choped tomato need to add. Stir well adding some water and cover the pan frequently. So that, all ingredients can be well cooked with the help of vapor.

After adding salt, sugar, fried paneer & potato on the recipe, it must be covered again for a while. Stir well frequently opning the cover.

After a while, the potato-paneer will be ready with a soft, good looking recipe and of-course, it will be tasty.

Watch the Video:

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