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Refreshment of Mind : Weekend Tour in a Sea Beach with Family

Escaping from the monotony of daily routine and hot summer trouble we reached the Sea Beach, bay of Bengal; like many more tourists. It was a fantastic tour with family. We tried to represent the nature's beauty of sea beach through a video, Friends! You can see that in below linked address.

Keeping all traditionalism aside, standing on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, which is spreaded all over the horizon, getting smooth-touch of the gentle breeze coming from the sea - refresh the body and mind. Watching a roaring wave after another - The hidden child in the mind also wants to came out and get rid of all the hiding.

If holidays starts in children's school, this beach near the house can be visited for a day or two. If there are pet and plants in the house, many of people becomes hesitant to visit somewhere. it's normal and quite natural. We don't know if there any real friend than pet animal and plants exist in this world. However, take a few temporary arrangements for them, and go ahead there. Come to the digha, your mind will be good. Yes, we are just telling about the natural beauty of this famous 'Digha' sea beach.

Digha sea beach is now an important and significant place in tourism map. A countless number of tourists came here and participates in sea bath and also there are many tourists who don't bathe in the sea. Taking bath in the sea or not is depends on self decision. That is, on the diversity of cultural gatherings the celebration of the joy of the people became the main thing apart.

Some people sitting down sinking their leg in the sea water all day long; some are walking through its sandy beach - other type of people are expressly engaged in repeated wash until their bottom of the soul. The sea, along with all of these scenes, by ignoring everything, in a subliminal meditation representing the beautiful creations of great creator, God. But, with a self-consciousness less and Indifferent attitude.

After this short-time weekend tour, everybody will return back to their own boundary. There will be no fatigue in the corner of mind. Ending the journey to get yourself back, there will no mark of Blackness, fatigue remain here also. The waves from the sea will remain to sing great philosophical song of Life. It does not matter, if we are on the edge of it or not.

See the Video:


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