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Haldia Township : During the End of the Day

Haldia is one of the cities which are growing with not only population, but, with a stable financial health also. In the sense of beautification, it also remarkable. This city is situated beside the Haldi river and Hoogly river.

The river hoogly lost its Navigability. So, the main Dock of west Bengal namely, "Khidirpur" has lost its importance also. In this situation, Haldia Dock has grown with a great impression. Haldia is mainly industrial city. A huge number of people has gathered around this city. For their recreation, Haldia modified simultaneously and now it become one of famous city of India.

Working people of Haldia city gathered in a particular place; Haldia Township. Beside the Haldi river, this Township has grown with a great idea of beautification. Another side of the river, Nandigram is situated.

Every end of the day, people come here to enjoy the beauty of river and its fresh Air too.

When the darkness covers slowly all over the place, the river get coloured with many colour and also changes the colour in seconds.

To enjoy the beauty of this type of nature's playing, many people waits being seated beside the colour changing river. The light from setting Sun reflected on flying herons over the head. Amazing!!

In a very short video, you may find it a little bit.

Please Watch the Video:

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