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Towards Building your Dream Home : Step1 : A Complete Guide (Successive) (Eng)

On the way to building a dream house, there is no need of mention of any kind of oppression that a lower-middle class will face. In a couple of consecutive videos, we will discuss step-by-step steps towards building a house. This video is the first step. Soil Cutting of land for prospected house.

Where are you building a dream house, it's a vital factor that, it is Low Land, or High Land. At first, it is necessary to say that if the land is not converted from the low land to the high ground, then the house building clearance certificate will not be available. For this reason, we need to go to local BLRO. When Land convertion is done, if you are from the Panchayat area, in the village panchayat office; And, if you are from the municipality area permission will be required to build the house from the concerned municipality. Of course, there are some costs to be incurred for this.

The next step is cutting work on the soil where the Structure Column for building will be started. If, the land has already been elevated, then, it must be cut into as hole. There is no other alternative. But, if the land is not filled yet, what to do? Will you fill it then dig it, or dig it down on low land, then build the column upto a minimum level of tie beam; and after columns building upto tie beam or plinth level, you can fill the field.

The second method is probably correct. Because, you do not have to spend time and money more than once on a job. Just say, Smart Work. Away from the hard work. Besides, you will find a solid base on lower ground.

When the soil cutting is done in the field, the holes should be filled with the white sand. Then, it will be filled with water. After that, the brick layer should be spreaded over the white sand. According to the plan, a net made by rod for the base foundation should be placed over the brick-layer for PCC and in the middle of the PCC, structure-column will rise. The white sand under the brick-layer and PCC will give a Springing Effect to your building structure, which will protect your dream home from an unwanted earthquake.

In this case, one thing can be remembered, some rings that are made with iron rods will required; But, the question is, will you buy that whole rod, cut it, make it bend, or, ready made rings that are available in the store nowadays, take it home for use. In the second method, it is possible to avoid the slightest waste that can be occured during cutting and bending. Also, liquids are available nowadays, so that you can keep protect your dream house from the impact of weather salinity. This may be kept ready along with other materials needed for your home building.

We will know, what will be the next step towards building a house, from the next video in this series. So, keep in touch.

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